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Special Alloys 
  CLAL-MSX, France.

Special Alloys Typical Uses

Nickel - Special Copper Nickels

Electrotechnics, Pyrometry, Shunts, Nuclear Industry, Chemical and Petrochemical industry, Electronics, Telecommunications, Defence, Marine and Aerospace Industry, coins and Medals.

Cupro Nickels

Electronics, Shunts, Telecommunications, Nuclear Industry, Chemical Industry, Ultrasound, Armament, Aircraft industry, Coins and Medals, Surgery, Spectacle Industry.

Special Alloys and Arcap

Electrotechnics, Domestic Appliances, Electronics, Connections, Automotive Industry, Telecommunications, Defence, Marine and Aerospace Industry, Medical Materials, Spectacle Industry, Free cutting.

Nickel - Silvers

Jewellery, Medals, Spectacle Industry, Musical Instruments, Medical materials, Lighters, Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automotive Industry, Telecommunications, Turned parts, Key cutters.

Bronzes Cupro Nickel - Tin

Electrotechnics, Electromechanics, Connector Industry, Domestic appliances, Spring, Telecommunications, Coins and Medals, Clock industry, Spectacle Industry, Machining Industry.

Coppers and Doped Coppers

Electrotechnics, electronics, Connections, Heat Exchanger, Automotive Industry, Domestic Appliances, Spectacles Industry, Free cutting.


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