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Natural Graphite
  Graphitwerk Kropfmuhl, Germany.

1. Refractories

Refractory bricks
Stopper plugs for continuous casting

2. Foundry Application

Coatings, Black Wash
Moulding Sand

3. Lead Pencil Fabrication

4. Electrical Engineering 

Carbon brushes and carbon parts
Conductive Lacquer
Antistatic - laminates
Battery grades graphite
Reactor engineering

5. Lubricants

For continuous casting of tubes
Graphite dispersions, oil and water base

6. Sealing material

7. Friction material

8. Rubber applications and proof linings

9. Lacquer, varnish and colours

10. Metal working

Powder metallurgy
Steel hardening - liquids
Grinding and polishing compounds

11. Chemical Applications

Sheet and plates
Insulation material
Gun powders


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