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Soft Magnetic Alloys
  IMPHY, France.

Alloy Applications

Mumetal Magnetic Shields
Mumetal LS Magnetic head shield cases
Permimphy R1 Magnetic head cores
Permimphy R2 Magnetic head cores
Permimphy SP Watch stepping motor parts
Permimphy TLS EI laminations and EK stacks
Permimphy T High performance current transformer cores
Supermimphy SP High sensitivity relay parts for ELCB's
Supermimphy T Strip wound cores for ELCB's
Supermimphy TLS Strip wound cores for ELCB's
Supranhyster 36 Magnetic shields
Supranhyster 40 CRT gun grids
Supranhyster 50 Yokes, pole parts, relay parts and gas safety
valve parts
Supranhyster 50 B EI Laminations
Supranhyster 50 SP Watch stepping motor parts
Supranhyster 50 T High performance EI laminations and Ek stacks
Rectimphy Magnetic amplifier cores
NFK Very high speed motor laminations
AFK 1 Compact generators / motor laminators
Compact generators / motor laminators
AFK 502 R
AFK 502 LL Compact generators / motor laminators
AFK 524 Hysteresis motors
AFK 528 Hysteresis motors
AFK 584 Hysteresis motors
Phytherm 30 Speedometers
Phytherm 50 Speedometers
Phytherm 70 Speedometers
Phytherm 90 Speedometers
Cophytherm Electromagnetic devices operating up to 1000ºC


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